Thanks for your trust in hiring me to preview/review your song!
Looking forward to hearing it!

Just a few more steps before we receive your song.

1- Please go to our Preview/Review Agreement Page and follow the directions.

2- Send your song audio and lyric file to us via:

Enter my email address in to notify me of the upload.

Make sure to label your upload with YOUR NAME so I know who the file is from.

Make sure to label your song with your name and the song title, like this:

That way, Ill know who its from.

You can send all your song files to us in the same transfer. Just add them to the section where it tells you to add your files.

Ill take a listen and let you know my thoughts ASAP. I am previewing/reviewing songs in the order I receive them and we’ve had good response. Please give me a few days, thank you!

Keith Mohr