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What’s is Song Pitching?
“Pitching” is a term used in the music industry and is synonymous with “presenting.” It is also called “plugging.”  We like pitching, because if there isn’t a pitch first, then there aren’t any hits. And we’re all about hits.

What genres do you represent?
Being that we are located in Music City, Nashville, TN, most of our industry contacts are within the country and Christian genres. However, it is not hard these days to find opportunities across the genre spectrum.

Have you had a song placed and cut?
Since this is a recent endeavor into the commercial song pitching arena (we’ve been building relationships for 20+ years and have been pitching songs for select writers we have personal relationships with for a long time), we are currently looking for songs we think are pitch worthy and can be placed!  Our plan is to have many songs we discover placed, cut, used, and generating income for our writers! The more success stories we have, the more value NSP will have for everyone!

How much does it cost to pitch my song?
We’ll negotiate a fee based on various factors. There can be a per song fee for a specific amount of time (if the songwriter wants us to exclusively represent them and provide management), or a percentage of income if a song is placed and generates revenue (usually 10%). There are no rules when it comes to pitching songs, but there are acceptable practices. In short, we want win-win situations and mutual beneficial relationships.

What happens if one of my songs gets placed, licensed or cut?
That’s an easy answer. We celebrate! It’s impossible to determine how much income a particular song will generate. It’s not as much as it used to be, but there are songwriters who still receive considerable income for songs cut by popular artists. You just never know if a song will become a hit unless it is first pitched! And most importantly, it needs to be a strike!

Who are you guys?
Nashville Song Pitcher was created and operated by music industry veteran, Keith Mohr. Please CLICK HERE to read his bio. Keith rubs shoulders with many professional songwriters in Nashville, and has music industry friends who ask him to let them know when he hears a great song so they can do their industry thing. So, we have the experience, we have the relationships, and we know the business. Now, we just need hit songs!

“I have found the song review offered by Keith Mohr through Nashville Song Pitcher to be very useful.  You’ll get an in-depth critique of your song’s structure and flow packed with actionable information as well as an audio commentary by Keith as he experiences your song in real time.  Spend the $25 and find out how close your song is to impacting the world!” – Jeff S.

Is the submission for song preview/review free?
There is a preview/review fee of $25 per song. The reason for this is if it were free, we would have many wanting us to preview their entire song catalogs (we’ve been asked many times already), and we simply do not have the time to review entire catalogs. Having a small fee increases the value for both the songwriter, and for NSP.

Remember, we don’t just listen to your song 1 time and then give you a thumbs up or down. We  will send you a written and audio review of your song included! And, If we determine the song is pitch ready, we will discuss a song pitch agreement.

We’ll make you this offer. If your song is pitch ready and we agree to partner together representing your song, we’ll credit you the $25 fee back to you. How’s that?

The issue isn’t if NSP is worth the preview/review fee, the issue is, does the songwriter think their song is strong enough to be pitch worthy? If not, do not pay the fee and work more on the song. If so, by all means, let’s get the submission process started! if you’re not sure, thats OK too. We can help. Submit your song today and we’ll give it a tune up for you!

Thank you for your professionalism and honesty with the critiques of the two songs I sent you!! Very thorough, I get to hear your voice while your listening to the song, and the final write up is detailed and helpful on how the songs were being evaluated. Great Stuff!! – Rick B

How do I submit my song?
Submission occurs after the songwriter contacts us via our Submission Form. We will respond with more information on the process and how to send payment and lyric/audio files. A simple Song Preview agreement will need to be reviewed and agreed to before file transmission occurs. No unsolicited songs will be listened to for obvious legal reasons. We will not preview songs listed on a website or profile and will immediately delete any song sent via email or through our contact or submission form.

Can I submit more than 1 song?
You can submit up to 4 songs at a time.

What is your criteria for reviewing a song to determine if it is pitch ready?
Take a read of a blog post NSP president Keith Mohr recently penned here where he answers that very question!

Can you  help me demo my song?
Sure.. but like we stated above, this all takes time. We have other fee based services. Check out our Services section on this website to learn more and contact us if interested in learning more about what we do and the fees.

Nashville Song Pitcher is a great resource for songwriters, beginner to pro alike! They take the time to review every aspect of your song and will provide you with the honest critique you need to take your song writing to the next level! – Colt S.