Review Agreement

Please see the info below with our preview/review agreement. Please copy the song info questions inside the ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ section and paste it into an email, then fill out your information and email it back to us at

This agreement documents your interest in having NSP preview your song and protects both parties during the preview process.

Nashville Song Pitcher Song Preview/Review Agreement

Agreement made this day  (Day) (Month) (Year)  between songwriter and Nashville Song Pitcher (NSP).

Songwriter grants NSP authorization to preview/Review their song(s) for possible consideration for song pitching. the preview will be private, and accomplished through songwriter sending NSP an audio and/or lyric file via private transmission.

By filling out the information below and emailing it to NSP songwriter holds NSP and any affiliating companies owned by keith mohr harmless and blameless for any and all copyright issues that may possibly arise from the song being previewed.

Songwriter testifies that their song is original and has no copyright issues with lyrics, music, arrangement, production.

Songwriter understands and agrees that the song preview agreement is not a work for hire agreement, and no promises are made that the song submitted will be pitched.

Song Title:

Songwriter(s) Name(s):

Song Creation Date:

Copyright Date (if applicable):

Date Published (if applicable):

bmi/ascap/sesac affiliation (if applicable):



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